Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ulta3 Pacific Fever and water marbling

Taken under artificial light as the light outside has gone out due to early sunset...colour's pretty accurate though. The supplies in the background are just my attempts at making my own polish.
This is my attempt at water marbling with Ulta3 Pacific Fever, which is a really nice teal colour with a subtle gold shimmer which doesn't really come out on the nail. Or I just put too little coats on, one of the two. I still love it though, currently my favourite polish along with the OPI Turquoise Crackle.

(if you're wondering about the little bit of black near my cuticle, that was the Australis- I didn't take it off because my skin absolutely hates me right now for using the polish remover)
Anyway, the marbling gave me a giant headache. The white you see (Designer Brand French White, hate it, takes forever to dry, even with a quick dry top coat for some reason) is actually layered over with a very thin layer of Ulta3 Crystallina, which can only really be seen in sunlight if you squint. The Crystallina spread just fine (and looked really pretty while doing so), but the Pacific Fever refused to. So I did mess with it a bit, which is why only the index finger looked nice. I ran out of patience at the end @.@

Oh, and here's a tip; instead of using tape to prevent polish from sticking to where you don't want it to, use Vaseline instead, or the equivalent. For those who don't like, Vaseline is white petroleum jelly, good for dry skin and lips :)

On the other hand (pun intended), we still have the crackle and the Cutex, which is doing nicely in its third day of wear. No tip wear or anything!

(same photo as before)
I don't think I ever mentioned that I tried different directions with the crackle polish! Thumb is vertical (if you hold your hand straight up), index is diagonally to the right, middle diagonally to the left, ring is a mix of the two, and pinky is vertical (bottom half) and horizontal (top half). Personally I like the diagonals the best.

Stupid little girls screaming their heads off outside.

<3 Wednesday

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