Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ulta3 - Crystallina

(Procrastinating on my Textiles portfolio, which is really bad because if I don't hand it in tomorrow, I may potentially fail the course...)

Been wanting to do some new nail art, but I'm really stingy and don't want to remove the watermelons until they chip xD So instead I got a new bottle of polish from the pharmacy! 
Ulta3's Crystallina
It's a transparent white with a very light gold shimmer throughout. I love it!

Crystallina over Beauty Style's Black Cherry
 I tried it on white as well but ruined it when I had to insert the brush head back into the stem of the Crystallina after I accidentally pulled it out xD

Tell me if you'd like to see any Ulta3 colours over any other colours! I'm hoping to get Mermaid Green next Saturday, so look forward to it! I might do a post in the middle of the week, since it's exams and I'll have some time off since I don't have exams on Thursday.

Ulta3 is only available in Australia, and sold for $2 in pharmacies. I love the colours they have and how easy they go on. Most colours only need one coat.

<3 Wednesday

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