Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flower Petal Manicure

 Hey there! Sorry about my inactivity this week, had to study for exams, so no time for nails...I have something for you though! A simple design of flower petals and a butterfly wing as the accent!

As you can see, I used ORLY Aspen as the base. I am adoring it right now, and is currently my favourite! The white you can see is Designer Brand French White, and the pink on the butterfly wing is Ulta3 Poppy.

I ordered some dotting tools and nail polish sticks (?) on ebay, so soon I'll have even more manicures for you guys! I bought Ulta3 Mermaid Green and Jelly Bean on Saturday, and ten other polishes (for $10, so $14 total for 12 polishes. Yay!) so look forward to swatches in the near future!

<3 Wednesday

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