Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pink Triangles

I gave myself a new mani! Yay! Not the best one I could've done, and two fingers bled when I put on the topcoat, but I already had to redo my pinky twice, so I was in no mood to redo it, especially considering my white is horribly streaky and hard to put on, but looks really nice when its dry.


I never thought white would look good on my nails, but apparently it does. 

 From left to right:

 Designer Brand: French White
 Ulta3: Crystallina
 Ulta3: Black Plum
 ORLY: Rose Radiance

 mode cosmetics: Soho
 Beauty Style: Raisin Red
 Ulta3: Poppy
 Cutex 2in1 Base Coat
I'd like to take a moment to say hello to my followers, even if there's only four of you! Thanks for following me <3 There's only four because one of them is me...I wanted to see if I could follow my own blog xD

To leave off, here's another few pictures of this mani :D

 <3 Wednesday

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