Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heartened Nails

It's rainy today ): I was going to take pictures of my new mani in the sun, but sine I don't have a light box, it's all rainy day gloomy pictures today...

I used two blacks for this; the Australis and Beauty Style Black Cherry. On my accent nail I used the Beauty Style, which is this lovely deep black (not really sure how to describe it, but I love it more than other blacks), and for my other fingers I used the Australis, which (I think) I mentioned as a black with a slight silver shimmer. The white is Designer Brand French White, which is not featured in the picture below. The red heart is a mix of Ulta3 Black Plum and Beauty Style Raisin Red over white. Mixed it on a palette and painted it on, and didn't realise the white wasn't totally dry :P

The thumb was just the Australis, so nothing interesting there. All the pictures with the thumb turned out blurred.
From left to right: Cutex 2in1 Base Coat, Australis (62238- product number) Beauty Style Black Cherry, Beauty Style Raisin Red and Ulta3 Black Plum.

I got some new polish remover; Sally Hansen Polish Remover Strengthening, I think is the official title. It has 80% w/w acetone, and strangely enough, my skin likes it better than my old polish remover without acetone. Strange. While I was buying this, I discovered that my local Chemist Warehouse has a lot of Sally Hansen stuff, including the Gem Crush collection and another limited edition one that I can't recall the name of, but I do remember they were all pastel colours...

Are L.A. Colours good?

Off to study for Maths and Textiles exams now!

<3 Wednesday

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