Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another haul and Transit of Venus

...Yea. I got new polishes today. Well, three, if you count the one I just made. Messing around with grey eye shadow and Ulta Crystallina and ORLY Apsen... It turned out okay, and I'll show you guys a picture when I get my camera working again!

Today's haul of the grand total of two polishes include Ulta Pacific Fever and Ulta Clear. The Pacific Fever is the one I'm excited about, since the clear is like any other generic clear out there :) It's a lovely teal blue with a shimmer. Been after it ever since I saw it and to get is so cool @.@

Another cool thing that happened today is that today is the Transit of Venus! In case you don't know, a transit of Venus is when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, and was the last to happen this century. Next one will occur December 2117, so it was actually a once in a lifetime event! The local uni were kind enough to set a telescope on our lowers so we could see. I got to see Venus! So cool :3

<3 Wednesday <-- total science nut

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