Sunday, June 3, 2012

Australis - (no name)

I actually have no idea what this one's called. I looked up the Australis website but they didn't have this colour, nor does the bottle have a name where there should be a name.

Anyway, here it is. Put it on and took a few photos.

Sorry about the dodgy application and my peeling index finger; I don't think it likes my polish remover
It's a lovely sheer black polish with a fine white shimmer. As I currently have madly stained nails from not using base coats, this is three coats to make it opaque. No brush marks, and is really easy to apply.

Apologies for the dodgy camera work- it's an old camera which blurs when flash isn't used, and can't focus on anything too close to the lens. Anyway, tell me which of the others in my newest haul you want to see!

...Is it weird that I'm posting like I have lots of followers when in reality I only have one?

<3 Wednesday


Decided to do a mini tape mani with this as the base. Here it is!

From left to right, the polishes I used are ORLY Rose Radiance, ORLY Aspen, and Beauty Style Petites (silver metallic)

Hope you like my very first tape mani!

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