Monday, June 11, 2012

Haul (sorta)

Went past one of the local pharmacies today (there's several here in my suburb), and they were having a 3 for $5 sale, including polishes. So I grabbed me some polishes!

They're from a brand called mode cosmetics, and as you can see, they've been sitting around for so long that the metallics are sinking. From left to right, they're called Soho, Jaded and Lilac Dawn. Interesting to note that the last two were made in UAE. For those who don't know, UAE stands for United Arab Emirates. I've never had anything made there before, so I'm really happy for some reason! The first is made in China :) The photo was taken in the kitchen pantry, since the sun is playing hide and seek with Sydney today.

Here's a thumb-a-cure with my new mode mode polishes. The colour is accurate, with the exception of the blue, which is slightly more green than what's shown. It looks more like the polish in the bottle I'm holding. My camera doesn't really like picking up on the green ): Light pink is Lilac Dawn and hot pink is Soho.

Jaded and Lilac Dawn were much more sheer than I expected. What you see there is actually three coats of each, but I'm not disappointed. They do look nice on white.

Do you guys like my new watermark? 

On a random note, you know how on TV you see seagulls swooping down to grab the food right out of the person's mouth? That happened to me today. I was eating my sandwich when a flock of seagulls attacked and almost stole my sandwich! I had to throw it away, and I started chasing the seagulls with my umbrella. So immature of me, but hey, they were the ones to steal my sandwich. Thieves. My opinion of seagulls (which were not high to begin with) have dropped to an all time low. Evil seagulls and their beady little eyes...

<3 Wednesday

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  1. yes.. the watermark is nice.. i love the blue nail color u have used for designing.

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