Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swatch: Savvy Mint Julep

Hey there! Long time no see :)

I'm a terrible poster, as you can see. I promise more posts in the future, at least one ever week, and it'll usually be a swatch post. Or an art one. I have an art one lined up for next week because a friend of mine requested that I do a rainbow mani, so watch for that next week!

This week is a swatch of Savvy Mint Julep. Savvy Mint Julep is...a mint colour. I had several fights with my mum over whether it's blue or green, so we settled on mint. It's a relatively smooth application, coat numbers varied with whatever hand I painted with. With my right hand, it took two coats. With my left, one coat. I've hand it on for a week now, and it's only just now starting to chip. All my Savvy polishes have lasted for quite a long time with no chipping, though that could just be my top coat.

Here's a pretty picture. I apologise in advance for my chipped index finger.

Outdoors, sun
Out of the two, outdoors in the sun is the most accurate in terns of colours. I forgot to take the bottle out when I went photographing, and besides, who doesn't like photos to go with their reading? I know I do

Last but not least, here's a picture of me pretending to be cool :) That's my cousin's place, by the way.

 <3 Wednesday

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