Sunday, August 19, 2012

Swatch: Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine #8

Hey there!

So this isn't the art post that I promised. I did try to do a dot mani, but I chose the colours bad and so it ended up looking more like a mess than a mani. Instead, I decided to show you one of my newer polish acquisitions. Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine #8 is a darling. It's a lovely deep red (almost black) polish with a red shimmer that really comes out in the sun.

Application was a pain. I'm not sure whether it was because I'm just a terrible person at putting on polish, or whether it was because I wasn't working under the best light at night, but for two of my five fingers I had to put on a second layer. It was extremely smooth, and took forever to dry. Or that could just be my impatience talking.

I got some mail today! From the Born Pretty Store, I got the stamping plate m65 and a matte top coat. I'm currently experimenting with different colours and types of polish at the moment in terms of the top coat. The stamping plate is having a rest because the scraper and stamper I bought (from another site) got lost in the mail. Another 5 week wait.

<3 Wednesday

P.S. I'm bored.

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